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Lincoln's Sparrow

lincoln's sparrow on branch.jpg

Lincoln's Sparrow on a branch| 03/13/2022


The Lincoln's Sparrow is marked by a gray-brown back, streaked with darker brown and rust-colored feathers. The breast and sides are buffy with fine streaks, gradually fading into a pale whitish belly. The face features a distinctive grayish-brown crown with a faint, narrow eye ring.

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First observation

📆 12/01/2013
📍 Los Angeles, California

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Experiences & anecdotes

05/18/2023 - I had my first memorable experience with the Lincoln's Sparrow at Pearsall Park in San Antonio. I heard a bird singing from a bush off the trail and I looked for it as it popped up and perched on a branch. It cooperated for nice pictures but I'm still waiting for an opportunity to record it.

Captured media


licoln's sparrow facing forward.jpg

A funny forward-facing pose of the Lincoln's Sparrow. My highest-rated photo on eBird | 01/11/2023

profile of lincoln's sparrow.jpg

A profile of the Lincoln's Sparrow standing on a log | 01/11/2023

lincoln's sparrow with head turned.jpg

The Lincoln's Sparrow clinging to a branch looking cute with its head turned | 03/13/2022

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