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Great Egret

great egret in flight.jpg

A Great Egret in flight | 10/05/2013


The Great Egret is a large white bird with a yellow bill, long neck, and long black legs. Don't confuse this bird with the Snowy Egret which has a black bill, black legs, and yellow feet.

Personal stats

First observation

📆 11/05/2013
📍 Los Angeles, California

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Experiences & anecdotes

05/11/2023 - I have fond memories of visiting Playa del Rey in Los Angeles and watching these birds wade through the water.

Recently, when I was visiting the Leon Creek Trailway which runs along the perimeter of Mitchell Lake, I was treated to a bunch of these egrets walking through the reeds. It was here that I heard them vocalize for the first time.

Captured media


great egret with pretty feathers.jpg

The fancy feathers of the Great Egret | 01/18/2014

great egret at top of tree.jpg

This egret pokes its head out of the tree canopy | 07/11/2021

great egret standing in water.jpg

A Great Egret wading in the water | 11/10/2013

close up of great egret head.jpg

Closeup of the Great Egret | 11/10/2013

Audio recordings

  • ML517883561 - 0:25
    • Listen to the croaking calls of the Great Egret. Notice the visible "bug band" in the spectrogram which is a result of the insect noise pollution in the recording.

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