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Summer Tanager


An adult Summer Tanager perched against a bright sky | 05/08/2022


Crimson red, the male Summer Tanager may appear to be a Northern Cardinal at a distance, but its song, and shape set it apart. If you’re lucky to see an immature tanager, you’ll notice their blotchy red and yellow feathers. The female Summer Tanagers are bright yellow.

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New Braunfels, Texas

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5/24/22 - I remember the first time I experienced this bird. We were in New Braunfels to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and while waiting for our table, we walked down to the river and I heard the song of a bird I didn't recognize. Merlin confirmed it as a Summer Tanager and I was elated. The very next day I ventured over to Cibolo Nature Center and we got an actual glimpse of a male and juvenile Summer Tanager for the first time. Since then, I've seen it a few more times on subsequent visits to Cibolo.

Captured media



A tanager perches on a snag in Cibolo Nature Center in Texas | 05/01/2022


An immature Summer Tanager sings from high in the treetops | 05/08/2022


A clear view of the blotchy yellow and red feathers of an immature Summer Tanager | 07/31/2022

Audio recordings

  • ML442913411 - 0:12
    • This is the call of the Summer Tanager.

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