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Laughing Gull


Corpus Christi, TX


During the breeding season, the adult Laughing Gull has a dark grey back and wings, a white chest and undersides, and a black head. In the offseason, the bird’s black head turns white.

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Long Island, New York

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5/21/22 - I love the Laughing Gull. My husband and I frequently go down to Corpus Christi, TX to walk along the beach. The hilarious calls of the Laughing Gulls can be heard from every direction. The ones in the touristy area we frequent seem to be surveying for food scraps. Their heads are black during breeding season and white in the off season.

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Immature Laughing Gull in flight. Note the darker and browner plumage.


A thirsty Laughing Gull in breeding plumage finishes taking a drink.

Audio recordings

  • ML244685801- 0:08
    • Listen to the hilarious laugh of the Laughing Gull. It always brings a smile to our faces as we walk underneath these birds perched atop street lights along the coast of Corpus Christ, Texas.

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