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Dark-eyed Junco


Dark-eyed Junco rests on a perch | 10/20/2013


The Dark-eyed Junco has a black head and buffy/rufous lower parts. It has a conical bill and is similar in size to the Spotted Towhee.

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Los Angeles, California

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12/15/2022 - On my visit to Pedernales Falls State Park yesterday, I heard Dark-eyed Juncos for the first time since 2015. I would commonly see these birds out on my adventures in Los Angeles, California when I used to live there. It seems that these birds aren’t as common or are mostly in more remote mountainous areas in Texas. Time will tell if I’ll find them in other areas.

I have foggy memories of seeing this bird for the first time in Topanga Canyon. I was there on a bird walk with the Los Angeles Audubon Society and one of the birders pointed out a small group of birds foraging on the ground off the path. Their dark heads could be seen standing out from the dirt they stood in.

On my recent trip yesterday, I captured recordings of them for the first time.  I didn’t record back in 2015 so this was my first opportunity. The conditions for the recording were great, almost no breeze, no ambient noise, and no other birds mucking up the recording in the background.

Captured media



A profile of a Dark-eyed Junco on a fountain in Topanga Canyon.

Audio recordings

  • ML513216501 - 0:24
    • Listen to the calls of this Dark-eyed Junco. It makes a series of of high-pitched clicks, similar to a Northern Cardinal.

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