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Great Blue Heron

great blue heron flying.jpg

A Great Blue Heron in-flight with nesting material | 01/15/2023


The Great Blue Heron is a large bluish heron with an orange bill, a white and inky black head, and yellow eyes. 

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First observation

📆 11/10/2013
📍 Los Angeles, California

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Experiences & anecdotes

12/16/2022 - In my early birding days, I would go birding with the local Audubon in Los Angeles often at Playa del Rey. I remember we would meet near the parking lot next to the lagoon. Birds like the Great Blue Heron and Great Egret could be seen stomping around in the shallow water. There were many tall trees along the water's edge and the herons loved to nest high up in the canopy.

These birds have a wide range, coast to coast, from Mexico up to Canada. Everywhere I've lived, these birds have been a familiar face whenever I'm near water. I often see them hunting in the water or standing around observing their surroundings. Their large size and deliberate movements make them easy subjects to photograph.

Captured media


great blue heron profile.jpg

This Great Blue Heron observes the water as the glow of the afternoon light begins to turn orange | 01/08/2023

great blue heron head profile.jpg

I visited Balboa Lake in the San Fernando Valley and spotted this heron while walking the perimeter of the lake | 01/18/2014

nesting great blue herons in tree.jpg

A group of herons picked this tree as a nesting location for the season | 04/20/2014

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