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Black-and-White Warbler

black and white warbler in tree.jpg

A lucky first photo of the Black-and-White Warbler in a tree on Long Island, New York | 08/16/2014


This cute warbler has black and white streaking on it and a lighter-colored underside. It has a pretty song if you get the chance to hear it.

Personal stats

First observation

📆 08/16/2014
📍 Long Island, New York

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Experiences & anecdotes

05/11/2022 - On my first trip to New York in 2014, we stayed with a friend's family on Long Island. They fed birds and I remember all of the Goldfinches they had at their feeders. While spending some time in their backyard, I noticed a Black-and-White Warbler up in one of the trees. I had my camera on hand and was able to capture an excellent photo of it.

Captured media


black and white warbler in tree 2.jpg

This warbler was climbing all over the trunk of this tree | 10/16/2021

Audio recordings

  • ML559043711 - 0:23
    • The fun song of the Black-and-White Warbler

  • ML552499721 - 0:19
    • Another recording of this warbler's song

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