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Morelet's Seedeater


A Morelet's Seedeater perched on the highest bough in the tallest tree. The best place to sing.  | 10/02/2021


The Morelet's Seedeater can often be found perched atop tall trees singing a pretty tune. The males are black with white collars/wingbars and a short, stubby black beak.

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First observation

📆 07/02/2022
📍 Cancún, México

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Experiences & anecdotes

12/16/2022 - I visited Malecon Tajamar in Cancun in pursuit of the Plain Chachalaca. While I was wandering down the various streets in the area, I heard a pretty birdsong coming from high above. On the highest branch in a nearby tall tree, I could see a small dark bird singing. My Merlin app identified it as a Morelet's Seedeater. The cute bird made an appearance on both of my visits to this area and it cooperated for a nice recording on my second visit, which you can see below. As with all of my bird photos from Cancún, all of my photos were digiscoped through my binoculars with my iPhone.

Captured media



This Morelet's Seedeater has found the perfect singing perch. | 07/02/2022

Audio recordings

  • ML464786861- 0:51
    • Listen to the pretty song of the Morelet's Seedeater. It caught my ear as soon as I heard it. It sounded like no other birds in the area.

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