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Northern Mockingbird

northern mockingbird in tree.jpg

A Northern Mockingbird perched in a tree enjoying the morning sun | 04/01/2023


The American Kestrel is the Americas' smallest falcon. It’s around the size of a Rock Dove (pigeon) and has similar markings on its face as the Peregrine Falcon. I see it most often at the park perched on power lines white it surveys the field. It does this cool maneuver where it flaps fast and hovers in the air while it looks for a meal.

Personal stats

First observation

📆 12/21/2013
📍 Los Angeles, California

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Experiences & anecdotes

05/11/2013 - One of my favorite birds. Its fun scientific name is Mimus Polyglottos. This bird is a true polyglot. I hear it imitate many other bird songs as well as sounds like car alarms. I remember seeing this bird walking along a wall in Koreatown, Los Angeles while I was on a walk through the area. I have seen this bird almost 200 times, and I am surprised I never took the time to record it. I feel since I see it so often, I assumed I already had a recording. So, one will be shared soon.

Captured media


singing northern mockingbird in tree.jpg

A singing Northern Mockingbird | 10/16/2021

fledgling northern mockingbird on ground.jpg

At my old apartment complex I found this fledgling mocking bird exercising its wings| 10/16/2021

Audio recordings

  • Coming soon!

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