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Loggerhead Shrike


A singing Loggerhead Shrike  | 10/08/2022


The striking, block Zorro mask of the Loggerhead Shrike makes it unmistakable when you spot this bird. It’s robin-sized with a grey upper body and white lower. It has black and grey wings and can often be heard calling or singing from trees. 

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📍 Los Angeles, California

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10/19/22 - The cute but vicious Loggerhead Shrike is often found on barbed wire or thorny branches. It grabs a prey and impales it on the thorns. I usually don’t hear the Shrike vocalize but I got lucky and heard it recently and got to take a new recording of it. My husband and I always keep an eye out for this bird when driving around or going on a walk.

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The backside of the Loggerhead Shrike | 10/08/2022


A proud-looking Loggerhead Shrike perches on a power line next to the path in the park | 10/16/2021

Audio recordings

  • ML492638881
    • This is the song of the Loggerhead Shrike. There is a group of trees at the park that the shrike often likes to hang out in when I visit.

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