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Cooper's Hawk

cooper's hawk on fence.jpg

A Cooper's Hawk perched on my backyard fence looking for a songbird snack | 02/02/2023


The adult Cooper's Hawk has striking red eyes. Look for its striped tail and wings. It has mottled red and tan color on its chest, similar to a Red-shouldered Hawk but not clear striping.

Personal stats

First observation

📆 09/08/2013
📍 Los Angeles, California

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Experiences & anecdotes

12/16/2022 - When I lived in California, I only saw this bird occasionally. While I was in Huntington Beach, I remember a Kestrel fluttering around a park field. It was perching on various power poles and would flutter in the air and zip around. I stalked it around the field watching it with my binoculars.

Nowadays, here in Texas, we see them all the time. I almost always spot them on power lines at Pearsall Park. Most aren’t skittish and will let me walk underneath them while they stay perched on the lines.

Captured media


cooper's hawk on branch.jpg

A juvenile Cooper's Hawk resting on a branch | 10/13/2013

cooper's hawk in flight .jpg

Cooper's Hawk in flight. I usually look for a striped tail. | 05/18/2014

cooper's hawk in fall tree.jpg

Cooper's Hawk in a tree during Autumn | 12/21/2013

Audio recordings

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    • Listen to the calls of the Cooper's Hawk

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