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Red-shouldered Hawk

red-shouldered hawk on wire.jpg

A Red-shouldered Hawk on a powerline. Notice the barring on its chest. | 11/10/2022


The Red-shouldered Hawk looks similar to the Red-tailed Hawk sans the red tail. It has red and white barring on its chest and black & white on its wings.

Personal stats

First observation

📆 09/04/2013
📍 Los Angeles, California

Captured media details




Experiences & anecdotes

12/16/2022 - I only came to appreciate the Red-shouldered Hawk once I moved to San Antonio. It's very common here and I see it much more often than the Red-tailed. I have been recording a lot the past few months at Medina River Natural Area and have captured some great recordings of this bird as it flies around and perches in the various trees. I've seen them quarreling with the local crows with them both calling out; perhaps it was a territorial thing.

Captured media


red-shouldered hawk in tree.jpg

A profile of the Red-shouldered Hawk in a tree | 03/13/2022

red-shouldered hawk in tree 2.jpg

A Red-shouldered Hawk with its head turned around | 12/05/2015

Audio recordings

  • ML517872621 - 0:09
    • One of my favorite recordings of the Red-shouldered Hawk. Its call starts off slower and then gets louder and more intense.

  • ML529012191 - 0:45
    • The screeches of the Red-shouldered Hawk.

  • ML517872641 - 0:23
    • More calls of this hawk. More reverb as it flies around as it calls

  • ML517872611 - 0:06
    • Raptor calls like this one often put smaller birds on alert. You'll sometimes hear other birds make warning calls.

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