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Golden-fronted Woodpecker


The first Golden-fronted Woodpecker I've seen. It was in downtown San Antonio at Madison Square Park.


The Golden-fronted Woodpecker has a rich yellow color on its face above the beak and on its nape. Black and white cover its backside with a light-colored underside.

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San Antonio, TX

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1/22/2018 - While I lived in downtown San Antonio I visited the park outside my apartment nearly every morning to see what types of birds visit the inner city. The call and tapping of this woodpecker caught my attention as it foraged for food at the very top of a tree in the middle of the park.

2/26/2023 - I've been frequenting the Medina River Natural Area a lot recently as I've gotten deep into recording birds. The Golden-fronted Woodpecker is a common companion on these visits. Their calls permeate the forest. Woodpeckers are such a treat to hear. You'll hear them vocalize simple calls before they burst out into a loud, intense call.

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Busy bee looking for food.

Audio recordings

  • ML537086641- 0:05
    • Listen to four calls of the Golden-fronted Woodpecker with a call of the Northern Cardinal at the end.

  • ML539724591- 0:48
    • These calls from the Golden-fronted Woodpecker are a bit higher pitched and more simple than the first clip above.

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