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Mourning Dove

Mourning dove on chainlink fence.jpg

My favorite photo of the Mourning Dove perched on a rusty chainlink fence | 05/18/2014


The Mourning Dove has a slender, streamlined body with a long, tapered tail. Its wings are pointed and enable swift and agile flight. The overall plumage of the dove is predominantly soft gray-brown, with a slightly lighter shade on the underside. The back displays some black spotting. It makes a soft cooing sound.

Personal stats

First observation

📆 09/04/2013
📍 Los Angeles, California

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Experiences & anecdotes

05/18/2023 - A common visitor to my backyard and often seen when I'm birding, the Mourning Dove is a sweet bird. As it flies away its wings make a whistling sound.

Captured media


mourning dove on branch in sunlight.jpg

A Mourning Dove enjoys the gentle morning sunlight | 10/20/2013

mourning dove on fence.jpg

This Mourning Dove is perched on my fence on a cloudy day | 08/05/2021

mourning dove perched on roof.jpg

A poofed-up Mourning Dove seen from below as it's perched on the edge of a roof | 04/20/2014

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