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White-eyed Vireo


A White-eyed Vireo showing off its white eyes and colorful forehead.


The White-eyed Vireo is more often heard than seen. It has a gray head with yellow on its face and underside. You'll notice a yellow underside and face with an olive-colored back and white wing bars.

Personal stats

First observation




San Antonio, TX

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Experiences & anecdotes

8/7/2021 - This was the day that the White-eyed Vireo finally cooperated for a blurry, mediocre photo.

3/11/2023 - Because this bird is very vocal and shy, it is a great target to record. It makes a chk-vireo-chk sound that sounds like no other bird I hear. Its song is conspicuous and easy to pick out from the cacophony of the forest.

Captured media



The first time the Vireo decided to make a quick appearance. I was able to snap this quick, but blurry photo of it.


This photo attempt was much better with ideal lighting. You can really see the white eyes.

Audio recordings

  • ML518169001- 0:43
    • The White-eyed Vireo in this clip sounds extremely agitated with its rapid calls that went on and on.

  • ML526944201- 0:19
    • Listen to the distinct call of the White-eyed Vireo. Chk Vireo Chk!

  • ML539724621- 1:27
    • This bird calls without the final chk. Halfway through the clip is switches its song to an even more complicated version.

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