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Barred Owl



The Barred Owl is a medium-brown owl with dark barring on its frontside and flecks of white on its back. Its face is framed by a darker brown on the sides.

Experiences & anecdotes

5/21/22 - I was treated with a sighting of the Barred Owl on my first time leading a bird walk at Pearsall Park for the Bexar Audubon Society. It flew down from the canopy and landed on a branch to watch us curiously. Prior to that, I had seen an owl in that same area of the park, so itโ€™s a good assumption it might be the same one.

The first time I spotted a barred owl, it was late at night. I was outside in Southtown, downtown San Antonio, Texas and was walking down the street. An owl-shaped shadow flew down from above and landed in a tree across the street. Though poor lighting it was enough to see the barred streaking on its chest and make an ID.

Personal stats

First observation

๐Ÿ“† 02/02/2018

San Antonio, Texas

Captured media details




Captured media



The first photograph Iโ€™ve ever taken of a Barred Owl | Pearsall Park, San Antonio, TX | 09/06/2021


This happy-looking Barred Owl is a common visitor to the bird blind at Crescent Bend Nature Park in Schertz, Texas | 07/30/2022


This is the owl we found on the first bird walk I led for the Bexar Audubon | 05/21/2022

Audio recordings

  • ML557917771- 0:35
    • The first time I ever saw a Barred Owl was in the Southtown area of downtown San Antonio. Fittingly enough, a few years later, I hear my first owl hooting on the edge of a field.

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