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Great Kiskadee



The Great Kiskadee is Mockingbird-sized, has bold black and white stripes on its head, a yellow underside and brown back.

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San Antonio, Texas

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07/3/22 - Though eBird reports I first saw the Great Kiskadee at Mitchell Lake in 2018, it was in a group setting and must’ve had a poor look at it because I have no recollection. I first truly experienced this bird on my trip to Cancun, Mexico in July of 2022.

We took a spontaneous tour to Chichen Itza, and while there, we spotted several Great Kiskadees. The first ones we saw were busy moving about a tree. A while later, we saw one on the ground in the dirt, which was weird. We weren’t sure what it was doing exactly, perhaps a dust bath? 

Seeing as I didn’t have my camera on this trip, I had to photograph it with my phone through my binoculars.

01/12/23 - On a recent trip to South Padre Island, Texas, I had many opportunities to see and hear the Great Kiskadee from a close distance at the Birding and Nature Center.

Captured media



Time for a dust bath. Digiscoped with binoculars. 07/03/2022


A Great Kiskadee perched on a power line. 07/03/2022


A Kiskadee perched on a thorny branch in South Padre Island | 01/08/2023

Audio recordings

  • ML521349181- 1:05
    • These are the calls of the Great Kiskadee as it sat in a tree near a man-made waterfall.

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