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Carolina Chickadee

carolina chickadee on perch.jpg

A Carolina Chickadee on a photo perch | 07/24/2022


The Carolina Chickee is a cute, small bird with a short, stout beak. It has white cheeks, a black crown, and a black throat.

Personal stats

First observation

📆 08/05/2014
📍 Long Island, New York

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Experiences & anecdotes

05/11/2023 - My first exposure to this bird came when I visited New York in 2014. My friend's parents live on Long Island and we saw these birds in their backyard. Now that I live in Texas, I see them almost every time I go birding.

I usually see these birds in groups up in tree canopies. They love to sing and offer many great opportunities to record them. 

Captured media


Carolina chickadee from below.jpg

A Carolina Chickadee seen from below. This is how you often spot them | 03/13/2022

Carolina Chickadee clinging to twig.jpg

This chickadee clings to a long twig as it watches the garden | 08/15/2014

carolina chickadee in front of fence.jpg

Another Carolina Chickadee resting on a log | 08/15/2014

Audio recordings

  • ML519464421 - 01:12
    • This is the trademark song of the Carolina Chickadee. Four or five whistles of different pitches.

  • ML517462441 - 0:34
    • This is a much more complex version of their song and call. It's very erratic and much faster than the lazy song in the clip above.

  • ML519464401 - 0:21
    • Another version of the Carolina Chickadee's song.

  • ML519464411 - 0:31
    • Listen to the calls of the Carolina Chickadee. There are some quiet calls of a Northern Cardinal in the background.

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