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Carolina Wren


A profile of the cute Carolina Wren.


The Carolina Wren is dark reddish-brown on its upper half and buffy-colored on its lower. Most notably, it sports an iconic white eyebrow. I see it often jumping around in downed trees and bushes and occasionally clinging to trees.

It finds the perfect spot and lets out the loudest song in the forest.

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San Antonio, Texas

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Experiences & anecdotes

5/21/22 - The Carolina Wren has become a frequent presence on my bird walks around town. This songstress of the forest loves to sing loudly over other nearby birds. The up-and-down of its melodic song is bouncy and omnipresent.

I remember getting my first good look at this bird and its white eyebrow when I lived in an apartment across town. It was perched on the railing of the dog park singing its heart out.

Captured media



This Carolina Wren is perched giving a good view of its buffy-colored underside.


Singing what I feel is the loudest song in the forest.

Audio recordings

  • ML214890591- 0:41
    • Listen to the bouncy song of the Carolina Wren. Its loud song seems to permeate the forest and sound omnipresent. Some days it is a non-stop ambient song in all of my recordings.

  • ML358629911 - 0:53
    • This recording includes both the song and call. Listen and watch for the trill.

  • ML359552131 - 0:43
    • Another type of Carolina Wren call. This call is two sharp overslurs.

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