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American Kestrel

World birds North America

An American Kestrel perched on its favorite wire | 10/02/2021 Description The American Kestrel is the Americas' smallest falcon. It’s around the size of a Rock Dove (pigeon) and has similar markings on its face as the Peregrine Falcon. I see it...

Barred Owl

World birds North America

Description The Barred Owl is a medium-brown owl with dark barring on its frontside and flecks of white on its back. Its face is framed by a darker brown on the sides. Experiences & anecdotes 5/21/22 - I was treated with a sighting of the Barred Owl on ...

Belted Kingfisher

World birds North America

Female Belted Kingfisher surveying the waters for a meal. Description The Belted Kingfisher is special. It is one of the few birds where the female is more colorful than the male. In the case of the Belted Kingfisher, the females have a rust-...

Brown Pelican

World birds North America

Description The Brown Pelican is found in mainly coastal areas. During breeding season the skin on its throat turns a vibrant red color. Personal stats First observation 📆 07/21/2013 📍 Play del Rey, California Captured media...

Carolina Wren

World birds North America

A profile of the cute Carolina Wren. Description The Carolina Wren is dark reddish-brown on its upper half and buffy-colored on its lower. Most notably, it sports an iconic white eyebrow. I see it often jumping around in downed trees and bush...

Dark-eyed Junco

World birds North America

Dark-eyed Junco rests on a perch | 10/20/2013 Description The Dark-eyed Junco has a black head and buffy/rufous lower parts. It has a conical bill and is similar in size to the Spotted Towhee. Personal stats First observation 📆 09...

Great Kiskadee

World birds North America

Description The Great Kiskadee is Mockingbird-sized, has bold black and white stripes on its head, a yellow underside and brown back. Personal stats First observation 📆 02/04/2018 📍 San Antonio, Texas Captured media details ...

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

World birds North America

The first Golden-fronted Woodpecker I've seen. It was in downtown San Antonio at Madison Square Park. Description The Golden-fronted Woodpecker has a rich yellow color on its face above the beak and on its nape. Black and white cover its backsi...

Laughing Gull

World birds North America

Corpus Christi, TX Description During the breeding season, the adult Laughing Gull has a dark grey back and wings, a white chest and undersides, and a black head. In the offseason, the bird’s black head turns white. Personal stats First obs...

Lesser Goldfinch

World birds North America

A male Lesser Goldfinch in the glow of the morning sun  | 06/21/2014 Description The Lesser Goldfinch is the more striking of the two common kinds of Goldfinches we get in the United States (the other being the American Goldfinch). It has a bri...

Loggerhead Shrike

World birds North America

A singing Loggerhead Shrike  | 10/08/2022 Description The striking, block Zorro mask of the Loggerhead Shrike makes it unmistakable when you spot this bird. It’s robin-sized with a grey upper body and white lower. It has black and grey wings an...

Painted Bunting

World birds North America

The first male Painted Bunting I’ve seen. It flew down onto a branch next to the path at my favorite park. |  05/21/2022 Description Like it’s painted with broad strokes of red, blue, yellow, and hints of green, the male Painted Bunting is icon...

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

World birds North America

This Scissor-tailed Flycatcher posed nicely for a handful of photos. Description An overall gray body with salmon-colored flanks and dark gray wings. This striking flycatcher has a long black and white tail that opens up into a magnificent scis...

Summer Tanager

World birds North America

An adult Summer Tanager perched against a bright sky | 05/08/2022 Description Crimson red, the male Summer Tanager may appear to be a Northern Cardinal at a distance, but its song, and shape set it apart. If you’re lucky to see an immature tana...

White-eyed Vireo

World birds North America

A White-eyed Vireo showing off its white eyes and colorful forehead. Description The White-eyed Vireo is more often heard than seen. It has a gray head with yellow on its face and underside. You'll notice a yellow underside and face with an oli...

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

World birds North America

My first photo of the Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Description The Yellow-billed Cuckoo is a cute bird with a yellow and black beak, white throat & underside,  a tan upper side and a yellow eye ring. I’ve only noticed it in trees and never on the grou...

Yellow Warbler

World birds North America

A singing Yellow Warbler | 06/21/2014 Description The Yellow Warbler is appropriately named as it describes it perfectly. It‘s a standard issue, yellow warbler with a black beak.  Personal stats First observation 📆 05/03/2014 ...

Pearsall Park

World places North America

The trail leads from the dog park entrance of the park down to the river walking path. Description Pearsall Park is a 505-acre park that opened in 2016 on the South side of San Antonio, Texas. The park offers 5km of walking/running paths. For ...

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Introduction Welcome to! This is my personal wiki that I’m developing to record and organize my birding observations, experiences, and learnings. This public-facing wiki is built on BookStack App, the open-source wiki platform, which I host o...

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I enjoy birdwatching and technical projects like website and server management. So, I’ve created a few website projects to document and share information about birding. - a place to document everything I love about birding ...