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Self-hosted website analytics

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The Plausible Analytics dashboard which shows aggregate data only.


I value user data privacy and have made efforts to remove unnecessary tracking scripts and code from organizations like Google from my websites. For many years I ran, like most websites, Google Analytics to measure and understand visitors.

In May 2022, I learned of an open-source website analytics software with a focus on user privacy, called Plausible Analytics. I chose to set up a new webserver to run this self-host this software and replaced Google Analytics completely with it.

In the spirit of transparency, my website analytics are public-facing and can be viewed by anyone.

View Because Birds website analytics

Technical details

Plausible Analytics uses no cookies and is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. It's lightweight and easy to set up in a Docker environment.

Plausible Analytics
Server type Virtual Private Server (VPS)
Server host Digital Ocean droplet
Server details 1GB memory / 25GB disk