Yellow Warbler


A singing Yellow Warbler | 06/21/2014


The Yellow Warbler is appropriately named as it describes it perfectly. It‘s a standard issue, yellow warbler with a black beak. 

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Los Angeles, California

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01/08/23 - My photography helps me remember and study the birds I see. In 2014, I captured a great photo of a singing Yellow Warbler. I used it on several occasions on my blog at the time for different posts. The slight reddish streaking on its breast stands out in my memory as an indicator to remember this bird.

01/15/23 - On a recent trip to South Padre Island, Texas, I visited the Birding and Nature Center on two occasions. Other birders were there to see the “Mangrove Warbler." A variant of the Yellow Warbler, it can be distinguished by its red head. This was the bird I wanted to see. The first morning I wandered over to the general area of the boardwalk it was seen near and got lucky. Other birders and I were able to get a visual of it. I only had my microphone with me the first morning, but did make recordings of it. The following morning, we found it again in the same spot next to the water and I captured a few decent photos of it.

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A Yellow “Mangrove” Warbler at South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center. It perches on a branch to get a drink. | 01/08/2023


A profile of the Yellow “Mangrove” Warbler. This bird’s head is not as solidly chestnut red as other ones I’ve seen online. | 01/08/2023

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