Welcome to my personal wiki where I document all of my birding adventures, anecdotes, and observations.

Welcome to birding.wiki



Welcome to birding.wiki! This is my personal wiki that I’m developing to record and organize my birding observations, experiences, and learnings. This public-facing wiki is built on BookStack App, the open-source wiki platform, which I host on a Digital Ocean droplet using a Docker container.

Getting started

I’ve published this project as a place to plan and build out different sections as it evolves over time. Click on "Shelves" above to view the different sections of the wiki or use the quick links below.

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About the administrator

jeff-with-grackle-mural.jpegJeff Mann is an early-30s birder living in San Antonio, Texas. He loves many aspects and sub-hobbies within the birding-sphere.

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My birding websites

I enjoy birdwatching and technical projects like website and server management. So, I’ve created a few website projects to document and share information about birding.


birding.wiki - a place to document everything I love about birding


birding.blog - A smaller blog for my birding adventures and experiences


becausebirds.com - my original birding blog where I write guides, birding summaries, and more